Lavu Hosts Roundhouse Discussion With Prominent Congress Members

Local Company Creating Local Jobs

Something Lavu is very proud of is that we are an 100% American Company. We do not outsource our development work. We do not outsource our support work. All work is done in-house at Lavu HQ in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lavu POS was built in America by local talent and plans to stay that way.

Lavu Brings Innovation Back to the United States

Democratic House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and Representative for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District Michelle Lujan Grisham visited the Lavu campus to promote “Make it in America challenge,” a plan to create opportunities and American jobs through innovation. While the “Make it in America Challenge” focuses on manufacturing jobs, Lavu POS proves that there are opportunities in the technology field to create jobs and career opportunities. Lujan Grisham said, “Ultimately, what we want to do in America is create jobs.”

Hoyer and Lujan Grisham were given a tour of the Lavu campus, enjoyed a product demonstration, and listened to the in-house band jam out. The visit was very positive. CEO of Lavu Inc. Andy Lim said, “We are honored to be recognized for our contributions to our community.”

Everyone’s a Lobo

More than a dozen members of the Lavu Family are University of New Mexico Alumni. Michelle Lujan Grisham – herself a UNM Alumnus for both her undergrad and law degree – thought it was great Lavu employed so many local talented individuals. “By bringing jobs to New Mexico through innovation and new technologies, Lavu shows it’s the type of business we need in Albuquerque.”

Brian Dennedy – a Lavu developer extraordinaire – met CEO Andy Lim while taking a development class at UNM. Lim made a lasting impression on the students by walking into the class and enthusiastically proclaiming, “I’m looking for talent.” After Dennedy graduated with his Bachelors of Science degree, he quickly applied to Lavu and has been a strong asset ever since, especially with his work on the Lavu Local Server. Lavu’s ties to UNM and New Mexico are strong, keeping graduates in-state working for a promising company that has great potential.

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