“What does Lavu Cost?”

Lavu offers options to help you get the right system at the right price. Add new terminals when you need them. Add printers, cash drawers, and mobile devices. All packages include access for unlimited users.

Hardware is NOT included. Hardware packages are available through our hardware partners


Maximize Your Return On Investment

There are multiple license types available for Lavu iPad POS. The different levels offered are based on restaurant size, maximum number of servers on the floor at one time, and device usage. Find the license that will benefit your business the most!

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Single Terminal Options

Lavu 88

$0 License

$88 Monthly

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  • 1 iPad Terminal
  • 1 iPod/iPhone Device

$895 License

$39 Monthly

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  • 1 iPad Terminal
  • 1 iPod/iPhone Device

Multiple Terminal Options

$1495 License

$79 Monthly

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  • 2 iPad Terminals
  • 10 iPods/iPhones Devices

$2495 License

$149 Monthly

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  • 3 iPad Terminals**
  • 15 iPods/iPhones
  • **Up to 20 additional terminals
    $20 / Month each
Multiple orders combine while maintaining separate checks Merge Orders
Live support and and ticket system 24-7 Phone Support for Software
Create custom payment types and apply to order payments Custom Payment Types
Easily track employees time card punches Multiple Location
Makes it a cinch to select seat number and course number at the table Seat / Course
Track total Guest Count for selected time periods Guest Count
Happy Hour Happy Hour
Switch between formats depending on your service types Table, Tab, Quick Serve layouts
Loyalty Program (LoyalTree)
QuickBooks for Windows Integration*
Gift Cards
Scale Integration
API Integration
Easily access groups of Menu Categories Menu Groups
Cash Reconciliation Cash Reconciliation
Allow employees to Clock In/Out on the iPad Clock in / Clock out
Create custom discounts and apply to items or checks Custom discounts
Track money in/out of the register for non-sale transactions. Ex: Petty Cash, Pay Out the band, etc. Paid in / Paid out
Split an order into multiple checks for divided payment. Split Checks
Assign a printer from the app for guest receipts and/or order tickets Printers
Easily track employees time card punches Time Cards
Order Notes Add notes to an order
Customer is forced to choose a pre-defined menu item modification or selection. Ex: Soup or Salad Forced Modifiers
Track inventory stock and costs Inventory
Enter tip amounts before settling the credit card batch Tip Adjustments
Associate ingredients with items. Those ingredients are automatically deducted from your inventory Ingredients
Connect multiple choice type Forced Modifiers when one option is always followed by another. Ex. Salad > Salad Dressing Detours
Customer may optionally modify items. Ex: Extra Mustard Optional Modifiers
Assign a printer from the app for guest receipts and/or order tickets Unlimited Users
Email Receipts
Customer Management
Lavu ToGo
Employee Portal
Group employees for advanced reporting Employee Classes
Enter the number of items available to sell per item and the system will no longer let it be sold when the countdown reaches 0. 86 Countdown
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Available for $30 added to your monthly hosting fee. Delivery & Routing
Employee Pay Rates Employee Pay Rates
Calculate O.T. pay based on daily/weekly/holiday hours Overtime/Doubletime
Self-Service Mode
Easily identify and track returning customers. Customer Database
Employee Schedule
Delivery / Routing
Easily track employees time card punches Lavu Local Server Included (Optional)
Manages and monitors kitchen print jobs and includes printer alerts for maximum reliability Advanced Print Queue
Meal Periods Meal Periods
Revenue Centers Revenue Centers

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The features included in each Lavu License Level were designed to accomadate the needs of most hospitality businesses. Customized hardware and software extensions may be what your business needs to succeed.

Payment Integration

Direct credit card integration improves workflow and decreases checkout times. Find a processing company that improves profit margins and works best for you.

Additional Products

Take advantage of other Lavu products such as the Kitchen Display System, online ordering with Lavu ToGo, in-house servers (LLS), and Lavu Pilot for reports on your iPhone.

Hardware Freedom

Remove the guesswork with hardware bundles, or mix and match to build a point of sale environment tailor-made for your business.

Regional Specialists

Each Lavu account is assigned a regional Specialist. They can provide onsite demos and consultations, proper installation, and frontline support.

Custom Extensions

Enhance your Lavu experience with “plugin” products and services, and specialty hardware upgrades. Improve efficiency and success.

ipad pos new restaurant iPad POS Requires a Good Internet Connection

For Cloud-only services we recommend a constant and reliable connection to the Internet.

Minimum speed required is 6 Mb/s Download & 2 Mb/s Upload.